umar’s birth day

today Umar is 23 days old. he’s 3.5kg, from 2.7 kg 12 days back . Abang Khairul says he growing too fast. yep, so i better jot down his historical moments, before the next thing i know that he’s going to college or getting married..

i’m working on applying extra leave to take care of Umar and to properly breastfeed him. a colleague proposed the ‘5 yr cuti menjaga anak’ facility.. and i’m starting to consider .. on top of the idea of extending my 90 days maternity leave

thinking back on Umar’s birth day , how i kept my 2:10 contraction from 2am on 4rd Jan 2011.. wondering wether it is ‘it’ already or it’s just another false alarm. it was a tuesday. the significance was .. do i still go to work ( since my leave application got rejected), or do i deserve an MC already. the appearance of ‘show’ at Subuh answered it all. at least it’s time to get a VE done. the 2nd painful VE done by the H.O at HTAA revealed a 2cm tight os. i cant believe she dare to declare my os was closed when she couldnt even find my posterior os! good thing she had the sense to consult her MO whom asked her to rpt the VE, and good thing that she got it (since the MO didnt come herself).

3 and 1/2 hr drive from kuantan to serdang managed to efface my os, says Dr Ainy at PAC HSDG. i still get to eat my roti planta at Aliff’s 🙂 the contractions comes and goes, but when it does i had to stand up (which also actually didnt help). got special attention from Sister Suhaini at PAC whom pushed my wheelchair up to 2nd class ward 5E, where i experienced using ravin enema for the 1st time. 3rd VE done by Dr Asmahan after Maghrib revealed a 4cm os and she sent me down to LR. i feel like jumping off the wheelchair during contractions. Abang khairul made me score the pain, but it was unscorable. i wondered wether my pain treshold was too low as a couldnt lie flat at all due to the pain, as compared to delivering patients i’ve taken care of before, whom manage to remain calm in between contractions.. i guess it’s because i dont get such experience of ‘in BETWEEN contractions’,as  what i had was CONTINUOUS contractions! i only knew that when i saw my 4 to 5 :10 contractions in the CTG picture Abang Khairul took. i was expecting the LR staffs would scold me for being uncontrollable, but they didnt.. maybe because i was their Dr before. Dr Ainy ordered for internal CTG since it was impossible to trace anything on my tummy  since i was practically struggling to sit up on the bed. everything went fast. ARM was not painful. actually i didnt really realize when it was done. the 1st time I felt like pushing, sure enough i was already ‘fully’. episiotomy WAS painful. and despite knowing the fact and screaming to my old patients ‘not to lift your butt when pushing’, i did so, consciously. but i couldnt help it. now i wonder if it would have made any difference if i did take epidural anaesthesia. i didnt even take Nubain. even before i felt like pushing, my perineum was persistently in pain as Umar’s head pushed it from inside. but what mak said was true, it wasnt really much of the pushing effort, it pushing the according to the contraction, and correctly that brings the head out , with Allah’s will. i cant believe that with my condition i still could bother of asking people to look at the time when i heard Umar’s 1st cry. he cried really loud. i was relievedhearing it. and when they showed me his genitals, i wasnt really surprised as my gut already feels that it’s a boy, just that i was scared to be so sure. on the initial part i could really get sentimental with Umar, as my contraction pain didnt end there as i expected and should be. it’s even still there with only a slightly lesser severity when the placenta came out.. since this is my 1st delivery, how the hell should i know what’s normal.. but my experience of seeing how patients look like after their babies are out (how comfortable and painfree), i know something must be not right.. by that time i was left alone.. people settling their equipments, the H.O saying Umar is tachypnoec and so Abang Khairul going to see him.. blood still pouring under me, soaking my back, i’m still having contraction pain as if there’s another baby inside.. and the fact that my uterus is VERY doughy.. i thought i better ring the bell to call them ( actually i was doubting myself at 1st to ring it, like what if i was wrong, what if it’s just my low pain treshold).. but after 2 JM palpated me, with the H.O( whom said my uterus was contracted :p) , Dr Ainy came, and true enough i was in PPH with EBL 700cc secondary to uterine atony (i know how a contracted uterus feels like!) secondary to accelerated labour. after that i was on pitocin 40units x2 till Subuh in labour room with Umar Faruq being taken away from me to NICU for TTN. Pity Abang Khairul having to run back and forth to see the both of us. Umar’s Abah 🙂



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